Marmara Kağıt

About Us

The production that takes place at the Marmara Paper and Packaging Co. is based on the materials of waste paper pulp, and semichemical straw pulp which are collected from various supply sources throughout the country.  The recyclable material which is bought from recycle collection companies goes through a process where the process involves paper shredders, separators, cleaners and screen systems, this process extracts any harmful material for the production of pulp. Depending on the type of product that will be produced the pulp obtained various sources will be mixed. The properties of such mix used during this process will affect the structure of the paper fibers. If the mix is not quite right for the product that we wanted to produce then in order to obtain the correct specification, we use special chemicals to achieve such standards.
After all these process the pulp is fed into the paper production machine along with the steam that has been produced by the fluent bed boilers; To meet our customers needs our production is controlled by qualified personnel and electronically controlled mechanisms. Our qualified personnel is involved in the quality control of each and every stage of production where they use modern calibrated laboratory equipment to insure the high standards that our customers require. All analysis from the quality checks are stored electronically by computers to produce the reports for our research and development analysis. We hold a ISO 9000 - 2008 Certificate.